July 14, 2024

The awful truth about succeeding with content in 2014

Content marketing is about way more than delivering information these days. Sure, how-to and list posts still get some notice. But not like they once did. We’ve all seen too many of them. So has your target audience. Cyberspace is evolving. And to succeed with content marketing you have to evolve with it. The bottom […]

Blogger insights this week: Creating content that speaks to your audience

Content marketing is entering its adolescence. The needs of the market have matured quickly. It is no longer enough to build a content strategy based on search optimization and keyword research. Content discovery is still important. But we’ve entered into a new phase where the content experience determines our success. Most content marketers have figured […]

Blogger insights this week: Brand messaging for the Social Web

You know it’s true. To build your brand and engage with customers on social media you need to tell stories. If you’ve been marketing on social media for a while, you’ve probably heard the benefits of brand storytelling: It humanizes your brand It gets people’s attention It builds trust for your brand It makes your […]

Blogger insights this week: Surviving the Facebook marketing apocalypse

Mom used to say “Life’s not fair, and the sooner you get that through your head, the better off you’ll be.” I’m sure that’s what she’d tell Facebook marketers today. Since Facebook announced algorithm changes to its News Feed earlier this year there has been weeping and gnashing of teeth by social media marketers. Cries […]