June 18, 2024

How this nonprofit is stockpiling content on a shoestring

You know it’s true, right? You know you need to be marketing online to get new customers. You know you need to be marketing online to build awareness of your brand. And you know your competitors will get the inside track if you aren’t present. It’s what you don’t know that’s holding you back. If you […]

Blogger insights this week: Surviving the Facebook marketing apocalypse

Mom used to say “Life’s not fair, and the sooner you get that through your head, the better off you’ll be.” I’m sure that’s what she’d tell Facebook marketers today. Since Facebook announced algorithm changes to its News Feed earlier this year there has been weeping and gnashing of teeth by social media marketers. Cries […]

Blogger insights this week: Guest blogging under the microscope

Spotlight: Is guest blogging done? Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam, started some content marketing buzz this week with his comments on guest blogging run amok. The quote that started tongues wagging (and some hearts palpitating) was: “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t […]

Social media content: Secrets to Facebook engagement that actually gets you sales

If your content strategy for marketing on Facebook is to drive sales with every update, you’re going to bomb. The same is true if your strategy is to engage for the sake of engagement. Somewhere in the middle of that spectrum lies the secret to social media marketing success. To the ROI-focused marketer, engagement is […]