July 14, 2024

Blogger insights this week: Surviving the Facebook marketing apocalypse

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Mom used to say “Life’s not fair, and the sooner you get that through your head, the better off you’ll be.” I’m sure that’s what she’d tell Facebook marketers today.

Since Facebook announced algorithm changes to its News Feed earlier this year there has been weeping and gnashing of teeth by social media marketers.

Cries of “foul” over plummeting organic reach and referral traffic won’t change the fact that Facebook marketing is a whole new game. The sooner you get that through your head, the better off you’ll be.

What should you do with Facebook now? That is the spotlight topic this week.

Spotlight: How to win the new Facebook engagement game

The great Facebook swindle and what to do about it via Social Media Explorer

Jason Falls does a great job of laying out the current situation with Facebook marketing and the implications of its algorithm changes on organic reach. Marketers have been operating under the assumption that if someone “raised their virtual hand” to get a brand’s content on Facebook, they will get it. Those days are gone.

“Now Facebook sees it can not only control how many of your fans see your content, but also how many of them don’t. Unless you pay.”

The algo change, driven by Facebook’s need to satisfy its investors, is bad for social media in the long run, Jason writes. By its admission that it is now a media outlet that delivers its audience to brands via advertising, Facebook has given up the notion that social media changes how brands engage with their audience.

On the plus side, he concludes content marketers will need to get much better in order to succeed on Facebook: “Content marketing is no longer amateur hour.”

Go here to see his prescription for how brands can still win with organic Facebook content.

Why brands should thank Facebook for charging them via Digiday

Facebook will now have greater value for fans and brands, writes Bryan Maleszyk for Digiday. The new rules for reach will shift the focus of brand content from quantity to quality, from volume to value. The result will be to build a fan base that has real value to your brand instead of lightweight engagement from the inflated economy of likes.

The value of paid advertising will go up in proportion to the increased social context of the News Feed, he argues:

“The value of Facebook is not the connection between a brand and its fans, but the connection between small groups of individuals who know each other well.”

To remain vital to brands and users, Facebook must strike a balance between what’s useful to people and what’s valuable for brands. That, according to Bryan, is what Facebook is doing.

Read more here.

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