July 14, 2024

Win the heart, win the customer

John Gregory OlsonOne of the toughest marketing challenges businesses face today is understanding how to connect with people in ways that make them want to become customers. Digital platforms give us more ways to do it. But technologies for reaching people are always subject to change.

What doesn’t change are the fundamental ways we can touch them on a human level. People still make decisions with their heart. Marketing has always been about winning the heart before you can win the customer.

I’m John Gregory Olson and I help companies turn business objectives into actionable marketing strategies – strategies that build customer relationships and create long term growth and profits.

That starts with a disciplined planning methodology. If you’re not sure how to get started, I am the man with a plan.

As important as a plan is, it won’t achieve your goals unless you connect with the heart of your customer. I show you how to communicate your distinct value in a way that matters to them.

How we work together

Are you launching a new product or service?

Do you need to create greater awareness of your brand?

Do you want to build deeper, more profitable customer relationships?

Do you want to get more new customers?

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My background

I’ve sat on your side of the desk. And I’ve experienced many of the same marketing challenges you face every day: Reaching prospects in a cluttered and noisy marketplace … Looking for new ways to get new customers and hold on to the ones you have … Hitting sales goals that keep climbing up every year … Squeezing the most out of your marketing budget. I’ve been there and done that for 20+ years as a marketer in small, midsized and large organizations.

Here are some highlights of what I’ve done in that time:

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What you really want to know …

Now that we have the formalities out of the way, let’s get to the heart level, shall we? Let me start by sharing some personal trivia about me, which you’ll probably find much more interesting. Here goes:

  • Mom thinks my sock drawer is way too organized
  • I live in Saint Paul, Minn. with my precious wife Betty
  • Heights make me woozy, but flying doesn’t bother me
  • I’ve always been, and will always be a ‘cat person’
  • Many weekends I work as a volunteer in the TV control room at my church
  • One time I chauffeured Lester Wunderman from the airport to a conference in my pickup
  • I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • I think George Burns is the greatest straight man of all time
  • Dean Martin is a close second
  • In college I was a DJ on the student radio station
  • I don’t have books, I have a library
  • Betty and I love hunting for mid-century furnishings for our home
  • I can recite all the lines from Caddyshack, which is nice
  • There are at least 500 vinyl record albums stored in my basement, just in case
  • I enjoy painting – pictures and walls
  • The Andy Griffith Show and Johnny Carson are my favorite reruns
  • Refined sugar is my enemy
  • I’ve been to Graceland twice
  • Jesus is Lord of my life

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