July 14, 2024

The Heart of Marketing

heart-of-marketing-handsHeart marketing is not a new idea. But for many it’s a new perspective. Instead of looking for ways to interrupt people and persuade them to give you their time, attention and money, heart marketing takes a much-needed different approach. Because people are skeptical. They can sniff out an agenda in seconds. If you are motivated by self-centered short term needs of your business, they won’t care. And you need for them to care.

Heart marketing turns that thinking upside down. It is rooted in the genuine interest in the wants, needs and desires of the people you want as customers. That takes time, patience and a new attitude. But it is important to success today.

Why HEART marketing matters

In the race to “go digital” many marketers have lost sight of what is important. Brian Solis has said, “Most businesses are merely reacting to the rapid evolution of technology, rather than trying to create engaged customer experiences throughout the life-cycle.” It may be a digital world, but what is most important to the people you want to matter to is how you make them feel.

People still make choices based on emotion. The path to making them a loyal customer is through their heart.


This is why I launched The Heart of Marketing podcast with Jayme Soulati in February, 2015. Our goal for the podcast, and this blog, is to inspire marketers to humanize their customer experiences, and to feel like their business makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Our message is based on these core values:

  • Customers judge the value of your products and services by how they make them feel and how they create meaningful experiences of community, belonging and connection
  • Customers judge your authenticity and trustworthiness by how your message and actions align with their world view
  • Digital platforms and tactics for reaching customers will change, but the strategy for touching human beings remains the same
  • Building valuable customer relationships does not end after the first sale

This is the heart of marketing. We believe there are five pillars to living out these values.

The pillars of HEART marketing


To be the best resource for solving customer problems and giving away value to create goodwill and brand loyalty. Helpfulness involves the design of products, the information people need when they need it, and serving them in the critical moment of need.


To create meaningful experiences at every point of interaction. Experience involves how it feels to use a product, how easy it is to find answers on a website, how customer service issues are fixed, colors inside a store or on a logo, and how every interaction makes people feel.


To communicate customer-centered value that stirs positive emotions. Awareness involves not only being top-of-mind, but also close-to-heart. It moves beyond brand recognition to becoming significant to people.


To make genuine, personal connections with people that create long term customer relationships and repeat business. Relationship involves commitment to person-to-person interactions that personify a business or brand.


To earn trust through honest, authentic communication and business practices. Trust involves doing what you promise.

Listener love for The Heart of Marketing podcast

Insightful and fun listen!

Marketing can be a dull topic to talk about UNLESS you’re listening to Jayme and John! Fun show with loads of heart and marketing insights. – Dr. Michelle M.

What a delight

Jayme and John make a terrific team. I love their interviewing style, the way they interact, the information they share and the people they’re able to get on their shows. What a delight to listen to them both, and you won’t go wrong subscribing to their podcast. – Adrienne S.

Enjoyed it immensely!

I was so impressed with the production value, quality of conversation and personality of the hosts … they make you feel like you’re settling in for a cup of coffee and talking shop. Great stuff! – John N.

Energy and positivity for marketers

Jayme and John explore the ever-changing world of marketing with curiosity and a positive attitude! You will want to add this one to your subscriptions right now. It will make you feel energized and ready to tackle anything. – Fins F.

Connecting with customers!

Jayme and John truly get to the heart of marketing in this podcast! Their fun banter helps make each topic lively while at the same time providing useful insights and takeaways. You will walk away from each episode ready to connect with your customers and prospective customers on an emotional level. – Adam T.

Generalists wrapped around specialties, and it shows

First, this show is entertaining and that matters. Second, the pace is lively and that matters. Third, both bring specific things to the podcast: experience, achievement and personality. A final note: Both hosts are skilled in a specialty, Jayme in PR and John in direct marketing. But they show the steady hand of generalists who have learned and applied a wide range of information to their customers and clients. I give this podcast a 5-Star rating. – Billy D.

Rock solid marketing advice delivered in an entertaining fashion

There are several reasons why I love The Heart of Marketing podcast. The first is the expertise of the hosts – Jayme and John know their stuff. Reason number two is really the “secret sauce” of the show – the chemistry between the cohosts. If you’re trying to make your way in the digital marketing world, do yourself a favor and listen. – Craig M.

Very timely, and oh so needed!

I started listening to Jayme and John just this past summer. I have to say that what these two are teaching and advocating is spot on. This is NOT the stuff you’re going to learn in school. They are speaking to people who are practicing and learning along the way. This is a must-listen podcast for anyone who wants to keep riding this roller coaster ride called marketing. – Star272

A new listener

I just listened to episode 45 and was nodding along with both Jayme and John about the ideas presented regarding advertising in the social media space. Thank you both for sharing! – Shakirah D.

Great advice and interesting topics

Both John and Jayme have excellent advice for practical marketing in the digital world. And their topics are fun and informative! Younger or new listeners should definitely listen to the Taylor Swift episode. It’s one of my favorites. – Claire F.

Solid marketing tactics and insights

Jayme and John make a great team hosting The Heart of Marketing. It’s easy to hear that between the two of them they have a ton of experience in marketing, and know exactly how to get your company seen and heard. And this is just one of the reasons why you should be listening! – Aaron F.