June 18, 2024

A suspect is not a prospect

Prospects are people who are able, ready and willing to buy. Suspects are merely eligible to do so. – Lester Wunderman Far too much time and money is wasted on marketing to suspects. Misusing data and technology enables marketers to waste time and money at scale. Prospecting with email is one example. Recently I got an […]

Blogger insights this week: Guest blogging under the microscope

Spotlight: Is guest blogging done? Matt Cutts, head of Google Webspam, started some content marketing buzz this week with his comments on guest blogging run amok. The quote that started tongues wagging (and some hearts palpitating) was: “Stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t […]

Blogger insights this week: The death of content marketing, email and the webpage

Introducing Webb Sightings, a roundup of digital marketing commentary from around the Web Welcome to the first installment of Webb Sightings, a weekly roundup of blogger commentary on digital marketing topics edited by Oliver D. Webb. Check in every Friday to see his favorite posts on marketing insights, analysis, practice tips and commentary from the […]