June 18, 2024

Social media content: 10 starter tips for posting like a pro [Infographic]

A simple truth to growing sales is to be where customers and prospects are and to give them information relevant to their wants and needs. If you aren’t on social media, you’re blowing a huge opportunity to do that. How huge is the opportunity? Fresh data from Digital Buzz gives you some eye-popping insight. Here […]

Winning with content marketing: How to think up game-changing content ideas like a Mad Man

Content marketing is the great leveler today. You don’t need big-time resources to compete with bigger organizations. What you need is relevant content your customers want, need and desire. Your ability to come up with original ideas for publishing content is the differentiator. Train your mind to produce better ideas and you can win the […]

Straight talk about content marketing for the reluctant business leader [Infographic]

If you’ve been waiting to see if content marketing is just a passing fad before you jump in, your wait is over. Here are a few trends you can’t ignore. According to research by Forrester, B2B customers are 60-90 percent through the decision-making process by the time they contact a company about making a purchase. […]