June 18, 2024

Meaningful experience is the end game


Customers experience your brand in many ways.

It’s in how your product works, how it feels, how easy it is to use …

It’s in how you resolve a complaint …

It’s in how easy it is to find an answer on your website …

It’s in the colors inside your store, on your signs, or in your logo …

It’s in how efficiently you process their order and deliver value …

Most importantly, customer experience comes down to people feeling like they are appreciated by you, and important to you. They may not always realize it, but they also want to be part of something meaningful that they can share with others.

This is something many retirees are discovering by accident.

They have worked hard and saved up for a retirement filled with travel adventures and thrilling experiences to make the most of their golden years. But many have come away feeling disillusioned, depressed and disconnected.

What they are discovering is that the ongoing pursuit of experiences causes them to lose track of what matters most to them – connections to family, friends and community. It’s not the experience they desire, it’s the meaning behind the experience that brings them joy and contentment.

It’s the same with customer experiences.

Great product design is important. Great user experience on your website is important. So is customer service, brand messaging and smooth-running business processes. Those are things customers expect from every business in your industry.

If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, find out what is meaningful to your customer. Then build that into every interaction with your brand.

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