June 18, 2024

Love is the ultimate market disruptor


Here’s an old idea for growing and sustaining a business in the shiny new digital world:

Spread some love.

Love is much more than an emotion. It is an action word.

Love puts the interests of customers and stakeholders ahead of short term business interests.

A business operating in love will look for products for its customers rather than customers for its products.

It will put just as much effort into taking care of customers as it does into getting them to buy in the first place.

It will engage customers in a brand story they care about rather than interrupting them with self-serving slogans.

It will never cut corners to get the sale.

Unlike growth hacking, which focuses on shortcuts to growing a customer base, love delivers value to customers in ways that matter most to them.

“The platforms and tactics for reaching customers in a digital world keep changing,” writes Bernadette Jiwa in Marketing a Love Story. “But the strategy for touching human beings who make decisions with their hearts and not their heads remains the same.”

On digital media it’s too easy to lose touch with the fact that there is a real person on the other side of the screen. We analyze buckets of big data. We automate interactions. We scale for efficiency. But that doesn’t make us better at touching people on a human level.

Operating in love gives you empathy to see the world through the eyes of the customer you need to connect with. They will connect with your brand based on how you make them feel. That is how they judge the value of your product or service.

That’s your value proposition. That’s your differentiator. That’s your guidepost to disrupting an impersonal marketplace.

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