July 14, 2024

Don’t interrupt, add value

interruption marketing

Time is not money. It has a far greater value than money.

We can spend our money or lose our money, but we can always get more. Not so with our time. Once we spend a moment of time it is gone forever.

That’s why interruptions are such an offense.

An interruption says “Give me your attention, because what I have to tell you is more important than anything you are doing right now.” It spoils an opportunity to bond with the person we hope to influence.

Interruption marketing is not a shortcut to getting attention. It is the fast track to irrelevance.

A cold email pitch … A door-to-door solicitation … A pop-up ad … An auto-dial telemarketing call only serves to annoy and alienate. They are unwelcome intrusions that steal precious moments of time from people. The brand becomes irrelevant to their needs.

So, why do marketers persist in interrupting?

Because they can, and because they are selfish. Interrupters are motivated by immediate gratification. They are takers, not givers.

The opposite approach is what wins the hearts of customers. Instead of taking time from people to get their attention, it gives them something to earn it. Don’t steal their moment of time, add value to it.

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