June 18, 2024

Blogger insights this week: The brain science of conversion optimization

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You could spend a lot of time on this page today, because there were some “wow” posts on the blogosphere this past week.

Especially if you are a behavioral science geek.

There were two that caught my attention because they both talk about brain science, storytelling and conversion optimization from slightly different angles. They are in the spotlight this week.

Spotlight: How storytelling drives conversions

Your brain and effective calls-to-action: What works best and why via Crazy Egg

In this post, Tommy Walker looks into the impact of your brand story on the call-to-action. While researching the topic he began to wonder if we are asking the right question in call-to-action testing. “The best calls-to-action aren’t effective just because of your word-choice on the button,” he writes. The burden of ‘action’ falls on the story you tell and its ability to trigger emotions.

Could the effectiveness of your brand story cause the audience to make a decision before the call-to-action? If so, does it make your call-to-action inconsequential?

Provocative questions for response and content marketers. Read the full post here to find out more.

The science of storytelling, memory, motivation and its impact on CRO via Conversion XL

This one opens with a story of two guys who sold $127 worth of thrift items on eBay for $8,000 by adding a story to the description of each item. It’s a good grabber and nice set up for a deep dive into how the brain responds to stories – and the scientific evidence to support why stories are vital to the conversion process.

It’s not all lab coats and clipboards, though. There is also an analysis of marketing for Men’s Warehouse versus Jos A. Bank and how they use storytelling throughout the conversion process.

Click over here to see more.

Best of the Web: Blogger highlights

Social Media Marketing

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Content Marketing

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Response Marketing

How has digital changed direct mail? via Jacobs & Clevenger

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3 rules for clickable banner ads (& one tip to turbo-boost results) via Crazy Egg

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Integrated Marketing

Marketing’s media prejudice problem via Spin Sucks

6 tips for creating an effective internet direct mail campaign via Reuters

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6 steps to compiling an integrated online marketing strategy via Moz


6 questions to find & claim your brand voice via Overit

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Digital Marketing Weekly via JGO Digital

The top news in digital marketing this week: Facebook drops a cool $19B to acquire mobile messaging startup WhatsApp; LinkedIn opens influencer publishing platform to all; Twitter poised to challenge Amazon and eBay for piece of ecommerce pie; Plus more.

Visual Marketing


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