April 13, 2024

This is the Heart of Marketing

The Heart of Marketing podcast

“Most businesses are merely reacting to the rapid evolution of technology, rather than trying to create engaged customer experiences throughout the life-cycle.” – Brian Solis

This quote from Brian Solis is a neat summary of several conversations I have had with my colleague and friend Jayme Soulati over the past year and a half. Technology has given us so many new opportunities to reach customers. Yet the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed a whole lot. At the heart, we still need to make human connections.

That is what inspired us to produce The Heart of Marketing podcast.

It is our new platform to riff on a variety of digital marketing topics. In the process, we will offer insider advice on how mid-tier businesses can engage the emotional and intellectual brain of customers and prospects – and turn that into a competitive advantage.

Our mission for the podcast is to focus on two keys to marketing success today:

  • Building a solid strategy for growing sales
  • Making “heart connections” with customers on the Web and in real life

I hope you will join us for an informative and entertaining walk through the digital marketing world today. You can start that journey by listening to this introductory mini-episode:

Subscribing does a heart good

Did you know February is Heart Month? That’s right, one whole month dedicated to heart health awareness sponsored by The American Heart Association. You can help us support them by simply subscribing to The Heart of Marketing podcast in the month of February. We will give $1 to The American Heart Association for the first 500 subscribers to our podcast. Help us reach the $500 mark! You subscribe. We give. Everybody wins.

Are there topics you’d like to hear us discuss? I’d love to hear from you! Just leave your suggestions in the comments below, or send me a message on the contact page.

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