May 30, 2024

Social influence: 4 tips for building a loyal following from a guy who blew it

The rise of social media and content marketing has inspired renewed interest in amassing greater social influence. And with it, a loyal following. The Holy Grail of social networking is to be viewed as an authoritative, influential expert by your followers. This is not unique to the online world. Influence has always been the entry […]

Your hidden source of unstoppable influence

In the excellent book The Five Levels of Leadership John Maxwell says, “Too often leaders place a higher value on impressing others than on having integrity with them.” This brings to mind a story. There was a vice president of field sales in a large corporation who was in a perpetual turf war with marketing. He criticized […]

The influence of the servant

Every now and then I encounter a compelling example of a great servant-leader. It happened again recently. This year I attended a retirement party for 10 former colleagues I had worked with for many years. As you might imagine, it was a bittersweet event. It was also a classy sendoff sponsored by the management team. […]