May 24, 2019

Blogger insights this week: Content marketing and the new copywriter

YouTube … Tumblr … Instagram … Pinterest … What is to become of the copywriter in the rising tide of visual content? It’s true, visual marketing is now the way of the Web. In response, the role of copywriters is evolving – as are the skills needed to succeed in content marketing. Two of my favorite […]

Blogger insights this week: The brain science of conversion optimization

You could spend a lot of time on this page today, because there were some “wow” posts on the blogosphere this past week. Especially if you are a behavioral science geek. There were two that caught my attention because they both talk about brain science, storytelling and conversion optimization from slightly different angles. They are […]

Blogger insights this week: Do social media marketing stunts work?

What makes a social media marketing campaign awesome? It depends on who you ask, but most answers fall into two camps. One camp is inclined to evaluate the creative way it uses social media to build brand and PR buzz. The other is focused on how the campaign grows customers and sales. One thing is […]

Blogger insights this week: Tackling integrated marketing in the digital age

If you’ve been around marketing as long as I have, you will remember integrated marketing communications as the Holy Grail of strategic planning. It promised greater brand awareness and cost efficiencies by integrating messages with precision deployment throughout the marketing mix: print, media, direct response and public relations. It was a tough nut to crack […]