September 21, 2021

Blogger insights this week: Content marketing and the new copywriter

YouTube … Tumblr … Instagram … Pinterest … What is to become of the copywriter in the rising tide of visual content? It’s true, visual marketing is now the way of the Web. In response, the role of copywriters is evolving – as are the skills needed to succeed in content marketing. Two of my favorite […]

Web copy: 100 artful ways to convert online prospects to online customers

  Need, want or desire? Savvy digital marketers know the difference – and use it as a competitive advantage True or false: Web copy that focuses on customer need and product benefit is your best bet for getting a response and driving conversions? If you said ‘true,’ congratulations. You are half right. It’s true, Web […]

Power up your content marketing with brand stories: 4 ideas you can use today

  Here are excerpts from four excellent books on content marketing and copywriting that give practical tips for telling stories to inspire and influence business audiences     Use the language of your audience You develop an unbreakable bond with your audience by using attention, empathy, storytelling and mirroring. You get attention with a compelling […]

Winning with content marketing: How to think up game-changing content ideas like a Mad Man

Content marketing is the great leveler today. You don’t need big-time resources to compete with bigger organizations. What you need is relevant content your customers want, need and desire. Your ability to come up with original ideas for publishing content is the differentiator. Train your mind to produce better ideas and you can win the […]