April 20, 2018

Love is the ultimate market disruptor

Here’s an old idea for growing and sustaining a business in the shiny new digital world: Spread some love. Love is much more than an emotion. It is an action word. Love puts the interests of customers and stakeholders ahead of short term business interests. A business operating in love will look for products for its […]

One mistake the ‘smart kids’ make with integrated marketing

It’s like the Rubik’s Cube of marketing, only harder to solve. The smart kids are already at work organizing pieces of the puzzle, trying to find the solution to integrated marketing for the digital age. They are building models that look a lot like integrated marketing from the 90s, but with a focus on digital […]

The Emmy winner’s guide to telling a simple brand story

How I learned to turn multiple brand messages into a coherent brand story by watching television Who’d have thought watching my favorite sitcom would one day benefit a client? There are only two television programs I would set my calendar to. One of them is How I Met Your Mother. Not only is it entertaining, […]

Why content marketing flops

 You don’t have to be a dummy to make the most common mistake in marketing. Lots of smart people do it every day. In fact, it is often because they know so much about their business that they fall into a trap that makes their content marketing a big old belly flop. That trap is […]